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     The July issue of DeWitt Clinton Express, A Neighborhood Newspaper, features the history of the carriage horse industry in The Oldest Businesses in the Kitchen. On the same page, Separating  Facts from Fiction explains my  involvement with the industry and continueson the same page as  Itís Time to Close Down the Carriage Horse Industry!
   The August issue documents the taking of the horse stable from Neil Byrnes by  NYC Department of Consumer Affairs  in Horse Fares Better Than Owner.  The  ASPCA and the Carriage Horse Industry is about the murky dealings between the ASPCA and NYCLASS.  Who is on the NYCLASS Bandwagon? reveals real estate developer Steve Nislick's campaign contributions prior to the election primaries.
    The saga continues in September as the politicians who want to put hard-working Americans out of business are named in They Want to Put People Out of Work for the Sake of Real Estate Development while information from a horse rescue and retirement home for horses in a wonderland located in Palmer, Massachusetts - Blue Star Equiculture - documents the Myths and Facts about carriage horses.  
   The October issue explains in some detail the reasons behind the  NYCLASS  methodology for wanting  to  ban the carriage horses in  Why is the Carriage Horse at Risk?  followed by DeWitt Clinton Express Supports Children  Pre-K to 5th Grade.

.....The front page of the January  2014 issue provides a clear message "You're  going to take my what?" to those who want to grab the land upon which the stables exist in Hell's Kitchen on the west side that they are going to have a fight on their hands.  And since many who work in the carriage horse industry are running scared out of fear and are bickering amongst themselves,  it was time for them to have one enemy thusly  The Electric Horse Carriage is Here!  did  the  trick!   Not only  was I


And finally, the importance of children and their education of horses is explained in  Closing Down the Ponies at the Staten Island Zoo in addition to my experiences with horses at a  young age.
      November's issue is the first black and white front page as the theme of the issue is Separating Facts from Fiction.  I refer to it as the "corruption issue" as it begins with Is DCA Commissioner Aiding and Abetting? and is continued  here. Actors, Consultants and Politicians is about the Hill-Billy (Hillary and Bill Clinton) connection to the DeBlasio campaign and how Republican Joe Lhota is linked to former NYC Mayor Giuliani as well as former NYC  Council Speaker Christine Quinn. The corruption articles end with Understanding the Voucher Fraud and More!  Although  Halloween Kid-Clop 2013 is Born! shows kids having fun on Halloween, the downside demonstrates the lack of participation in the education of the city's children with horses by NYC Department of Education.
       Bill De Blah Blah Blasio as Mayor? and Carriage Horse Ban by Bloomberg? in the December issue ends the reporting for 2013.
        Thanks for taking time to review the information presented on this web page.  Please go to HOORAA.org to read and sign the petition.     Thank You! 
                                                                              - Bill Murawski 

"called in on the carpet" to discuss the article, I was informed  that at least 50 persons working in the industry believed I went on the side of NYCLASS!  And even further, I was told that I have to write a follow-up article regarding my position on the electric horse carriage as well as to stop investigating certain areas of the industry!  

    Stay tuned . . .


     The  more times a lie is told the easier it is to become the truth, AND  the bigger the lie, the easier it is to become the truth.      
     The articles in DeWitt Clinton Express are meant to educate the public on the truth  about the carriage horses based upon FACT, not the propagada put out by PETA, the ASPCA, HSUS and  animal rights groups like NYCLASS since 2006 about the carriage horses!

     Since 2014  is the Chinese Year of the Horse, the first issue of DeWitt Clinton Express was printed and began its distribution process for the first issue of 2014 on January 31, 2014, which is the start of the Chinese New Year and dedicated to the horse! And it is at this point in time I've chosen an image to represent the Chinese Year of the Horse!